My second story idea

M1 closed after body found on motorway

A dead body is discovered on the M1 motorway and because of this police have closed a stretch of the M1

Genre-Mystery, Thriller

. A police officer is my protagonist and his sidekick and they are trying to identify who the dead body is and what was the cause of death. The two cops are a good cop and a bad cop as one is much worse tempered than the other. The two cops really want to find the killer because they have failed on a lot of other cases so they want to fix their career and succeed on their case.

. The dramatic question of the story is what was the cause of death and was it a murder and if it was a murder then who committed it Also why are all the dead bodies found on the motorway?

. The conflict is that more dead bodies start appearing on different motorways and they are all found in the same place.

. The public start to worry and there is lots of outrage at the police force because they still have not found out who is committing all these murders.

. The resolution of the story is that the police finally track down who has been committing all the murders and the story ends with a shootout with the police man winning and killing the murder. And the police man looked into the murders history and found out that his family were killed on a motorway which may have been the reason he killed all his victims on the motorway.


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