My first story idea

Thaddeus O’Connor-Dunphie

Your story

Protagonist a central character

Dramatic question what do they want? (In real terms and thematically- a family? Forgiveness? To overcome an Achilles heel?)

Conflict what stands in the way of this

A character arc how does the character change

A resolution

Where do ideas come from?

Fictional source material

News stories

Life experience

Burglar took selfie in victim’s house while she showered


. A police detective is my protagonist and he is investigating what happened and trying to find out   who the mysterious thief is that took the selfie, and the thief is the antagonist in this story.

. The dramatic question of the story is who is the mysterious man and why did he only take food leaving other valuables behind? It is possible he could be a stalker or someone playing a prank. The police detective is helping the woman and her family and trying to succeed in tracking down the thief.

. The conflict is that the thief has a gang of two people and sends them after the police officer to make him stop the investigation or to kill him.

. The police officer character changes the way he acts usually he is very nice and kind but he becomes angry and darker when the matter becomes serious and is almost killed.

. The resolution is that the police officer gets backup from his colleagues and together in a cohesive unit they track down the thief and put him under arrest and his gang too, and then they all get put in jail. They find out that the thief was a stalker of the woman who would hide in her house when everyone was asleep but now he is caught and put in jail.


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