Donnie Darco

Today we watched the opening sequence of the movie Donnie Darco and I noticed lots of thing.

Mise en scene- It was in a forest and in the outer suburbs of America in Middlesex and then in a kitchen dinning room. The effect of this is to set the scene of the film so the audience knows where it is.

Sound- The music is non diegetic as there is a sound track which plays that only the audience can hear the music is used to set the tone which only the audience can hear.

Film- I don’t know what genre the film is it was really mysterious but from what I saw I think it is a comedy/dark fantasy movie and I think it is aimed at adults

Camera shots- There are all sorts of camera shots such as long shots, close ups and planning and tracking shots. These where all used to clearly show how the characters look like and what the setting looks like

Editing- The editing was used in a slow cut rate and this is to set a slow mysterious effect



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