Primary Research

Primary research is the main most known type of research, it’s the most obvious one to use and one of the best to use to get direct answers from your audience/customers. Primary research is Experiments, investigations or tests that are carried out to acquire data first-hand, rather than being gathered from published sources which is what secondary research is. So basically primary research is the complete opposite to secondary research, because secondary research is taking knowledge from other sources while primary research is you gaining the knowledge yourself. Methods of primary research are surveys, group discussions, face to face interviews and much more. The main purpose of primary research is so that you get the most up to date answers because you are conducting the research in the present time you are getting the most up to date answers.


Data Gathering Agencies

Data gathering agencies are organisations which gather TV ratings, viewership, and radio ratings etc. So to put it into simple terms they essentially gather data and store it in data banks that are available to the public, this is for them to use. And here are some examples of data gathering agencies



BARB is a data gathering agency that collects TV ratings/Viewership. They lay the data out in the form of mathematical graphs and percentages, this makes it easier to read and interpret. They also work with other companies that do similar research to theirs, they work with other corporations to get the most accurate results so they can be published on their website for others to use.



RAJAR is similar to BARB in terms of research and what they do, but the only difference is that they record and gather radio listener ratings. They gather the data from every radio signal in the UK and lay it out in the form of a table very similar to BARB.



Creating a particular video or visuals to back or show the this data in order for reference/proof.  

It is basically research made and proven by yourself. For example, it has to be original and something of your kind, in order to capture the message of that particular video/ music video that you have produced yourself. As long as it’s something visual it doesn’t matter what form it is shown in as it can even just be a an ordinary photography that you took. However, most people tend to record themselves (own video).


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