Primary Research

Primary research is the main most known type of research, it’s the most obvious one to use and one of the best to use to get direct answers from your audience/customers. Primary research is Experiments, investigations or tests that are carried out to acquire data first-hand, rather than being gathered from published sources which is what secondary research is. So basically primary research is the complete opposite to secondary research, because secondary research is taking knowledge from other sources while primary research is you gaining the knowledge yourself. Methods of primary research are surveys, group discussions, face to face interviews and much more. The main purpose of primary research is so that you get the most up to date answers because you are conducting the research in the present time you are getting the most up to date answers.


Data Gathering Agencies

Data gathering agencies are organisations which gather TV ratings, viewership, and radio ratings etc. So to put it into simple terms they essentially gather data and store it in data banks that are available to the public, this is for them to use. And here are some examples of data gathering agencies



BARB is a data gathering agency that collects TV ratings/Viewership. They lay the data out in the form of mathematical graphs and percentages, this makes it easier to read and interpret. They also work with other companies that do similar research to theirs, they work with other corporations to get the most accurate results so they can be published on their website for others to use.



RAJAR is similar to BARB in terms of research and what they do, but the only difference is that they record and gather radio listener ratings. They gather the data from every radio signal in the UK and lay it out in the form of a table very similar to BARB.



Creating a particular video or visuals to back or show the this data in order for reference/proof.  

It is basically research made and proven by yourself. For example, it has to be original and something of your kind, in order to capture the message of that particular video/ music video that you have produced yourself. As long as it’s something visual it doesn’t matter what form it is shown in as it can even just be a an ordinary photography that you took. However, most people tend to record themselves (own video).


The Avengers research task 2


The avengers

This film was premiered at a theatre in Hollywood called El Capitan and then released a month later on the 4th of May 2012. The avengers absolutely smashed the box office records including the biggest opening weekend in North America. This film grossed over £1.5 billion worldwide! Which also made this film the third highest grossing film during its theatrical run. This movie also became marvels first ever production to generate £1 billion in ticket sales. This movie gained huge amounts of awards given by film critics and this film was also nominated for achievements in visual effects. In addition to all of this the avengers also came out on DVD and Blu-Ray disc on September 25th 2012. You can also buy The Avengers sound track it has its own album which was produced by Alan Silvestri and then released by Hollywood’s records on the 1st of May 2012. It also has its own website where you can watch the trailer learn about the super heroes and also learn about upcoming news about future marvel movies, it is very well produced and has lots of views. A sequel to the Avengers was made called Avengers Age of Ultron and this was released on the 1st of May 2015, and then two additional sequels were announced called Avengers Infinity war which is scheduled to come out on the 4th of May 2018 and then an untitled sequel as it is currently in come out on the 3rd of May 2019. The audience seemed to really enjoy the movie, mostly boys because this film mainly consists of men however there is also a woman so girls were also very intrigued and interested in the film too. So this means that this film appeals to either gender or sexual orientations. This film is not very educational because it is an action movie which uses lots of quick cuts and fighting scenes and it is not suitable for anyone below the age of 12 because it has some abusive language and graphic fighting scenes and action parts. Most people preferred to watch this movie at the cinema rather than buy it on Blu-ray or DVD however since a lot of time has passed since the first movie aired millions of people have brought this film on Blu-Ray and DVD which give the producers huge amounts of sales. The buying patterns of this film is buying it on Blu-Ray as this is the most preferred method to watch films on as they are in HD and look absolutely amazing.

This movie got very positive reviews by critics and huge companies such as the Telegraph, here are a few reviews I have found which I took from the internet, 92% Rotten Tomatoes, ¾ Roger Ebert and 4/5 The Telegraph. So as you can see this film got very high praises and positive reviews which attracts audiences to want to go and watch it, there are also many internet forums online where fans of the movie gather and discuss their thoughts and feelings about the movie such as what was good about it and what could possibly be improved about it. On many of the advert campaigns for this film they always showed their high ratings and good feedback/ reviews of the movie on their posters, TV adverts and radio adverts, even on their website. The reason for doing this is to obviously try and attract as many people as they can because of their good reviews it makes people want to go and see it. In addition to all of this there was also various new reports on this film about what critics think about it and telling viewers the release date and where it can be seen. Many of the actors went on different TV shows to get recognition by the audience and try to make an impact in the show to gain even more of an audience that way, there are huge numbers of ways which this film can get recognition and ways to advertise.

Screen plays

Thaddeus O’Connor-Dunphie

Pirates of the Caribbean




The scene opens up and begins on the ocean on a dark night this is the scene heading and it can also be known as a slug line, these are always placed usually at the top of screenplays because every film opens with a beginning scene to set the setting. In a screenplay a key principle is to only write what the audience can see or hear, and as you can see that is exactly what this screen play does it says The SOUND and the word sound is all in caps to let you know that this is what the audience can hear and it is the sound of wind and water and lines creaking. We hear a man singing, voice pitched low…

Then after that we are introduced to the very first character of the entire movie but this character does not have a name as we do not actually see him we only hear his voice which is why he Is only called MAN’S VOICE, and the reason for this being in all caps is because a principle rule in screenplays is that when a character is introduced their name we always be in all caps the very first time they’re introduced and then for the rest of the screenplay their name will be back to normal with just the first letter of their name in caps. In addition to this the man’s voice is singing a pirate song saying fifteen men on a dead man’s chest, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum… This is dialogue and it is also an extremely important principle in screenplays as it allows the audience to be able to hear what the characters are singing whether it be in a conversation, singing or anything else.

Screenplays are very important because people need to know how the movie is going to be produced and what is going to happen, It is like a script but with even extra detail as you can see how the characters are acting for example if a character said something and they was sleepy it could possibly say in brackets (Groggy) and this is known as a parenthesis and it is also a very common theme and principle which is used in screen plays.

Importance of the rules of screenplays and why they are used

Scene heading or slug line                                                                                                                            This is used so that we can clearly see and understand the importance of where the movie is set, because if we did not have an opening scene or slug line then we would have no idea where the setting of the movie is. To make this even easier to understand where the setting is the scene heading and slug line are usually all in caps to stand out and clearly show its importance.

Only write what the audience can see                                                                                                        It is extremely important to do this rule because if you were to write something that the audience could not see then they would be confused and lost in what’s going on, so you have to make sure that everything you write in a screenplay can be clearly seen by the audience.

Dialogue                                                                                                                                                            Dialogue is also another very important principle to have in screen plays because without them there would be no speaking or conversations between characters so there must be dialogue so that the audience can see what the characters are saying and to identify what’s going on.

Parenthesis                                                                                                                                                     This is also a very important to have and be used in screen plays as these help us the audience to understand how the character is feeling for example if a character was feeling in groggy then it should be put in brackets before the dialogue begins so that we know the character is talking in a groggy manor.