What I did today 28/02/2017 and 27/02/2017

Over this day and yesterday me and my group, Onder and Jojo have been editing our film, Johnson Figueretto. We have been perfecting it so that when we show it to everyone it will be the best as it can possibly be.As a group I, Onder and Jojo took control of the editing and put all of our clips in chronological order while improving the lighting in certain scenes where it was hard to see such as the torturing scene and the dining scene. They did an amazing job and improved the film lighting a lot and they also added transitions when needed to make the film flow very well and while they was doing this I had the role of finding a soundtrack to be played in the background as I am in charge of the sound parts of our movie. As a group we found a very good soundtrack and added it to our film and the music fits the film extremely well.


Production Meeting, What I did today 24/01/2017

In today’s lesson we got into a group of three it was me, JoJo and Onder and we all collaborated all three of our ideas and we came to the conclusion that we would follow the story of Johnson Figaretto and involve a shootout between him and a gang/ his rival Illotelli Ragazzo.

Today I have had a lot of thinking and thoughts of what I will need to do for this project. I will have to do lots of research about movie and how films have differences by the way of the genre. I will then decide what genre I like the best and base my film on that which is action, my target audience will be the the people who like action movies as they will have more of chance of liking my film as they have similarities.